Individualized Care

We are dedicated to providing our residents with a personalized and passion-filled culinary experience, every day. We understand the strong correlation between meal satisfaction and overall resident satisfaction. The My Food program includes:

  • My Recipe
  • My Community Signature Dish
  • My Birthday Meal
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Sunday Southern Dinner
  • Bistro Menu
  • My Coffee Bar
Our My Wellness program connects our Wellness Team with our residents and their families, employing a variety of techniques and systems to accommodate our residents’ wants and needs for healthy living. The My Wellness program includes:

  • My Wellness Assessments
  • My Care Plan
  • My Care Conference
  • Passionate Medication Pass
  • Integrated Service Systems

The My Passion Pathway program is designed to enhance the lives of our residents by celebrating their stories, meeting their daily health and wellness needs, and providing a reality of life that meets their unique visions.

The My Passion Pathway program includes:

  • My Memories & Personality Assessment
  • My MAP Shadow Box (Memory Care Only)
  • Meet & Greets
  • My Community Ambassador
  • Intergenerational Life Program
  • 7 Day: New Resident Survey
We celebrate stories, memories, and milestones while exceeding care expectations for daily health and wellness needs through My Activities. It is stimulating, engaging, entertaining, and vital to the overall health and wellness of every one of our special residents. The My Activities program includes:

  • My Passionate Activity
  • Employee Engagement Program
  • Resident of the Month
  • Miracle Moments
  • My Adventure
  • Green Thumb Club
The Our Passionate Employee program offers our employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and be recognized for outstanding job performance. If you are interested in employment with our community, please click here. The Our Passionate Employee program includes:

  • Employee Recognition
  • Silver & Gold Program
  • Train the Trainer

Meet Our Passionate Leader

How did you find yourself in Senior Living? I find myself asked that question more times than I can count. My response is- The people that I get to work with day to day. The team of staff and residents at Elan Manatee are the most genuine and caring group of individuals that I have ever met. The amazing individuals that I work with are the heartbeat of Elan Manatee There’s so much to love about working at Elan Manatee, but my favorite thing is *building relationships with my residents and their families*. I am honored to get to know the remarkable residents that are at Elan Manatee My residents have taught me so much and they continue to shape and teach me daily.

I feel incredibly lucky to call every resident at Elan Manatee a part of my family. My amazing team of staff hold a special place in my heart because of the love and commitment they show our residents. The feeling of family within Elan Manatee comes from a strong passion for service that we all shareIt is our commitment to our residents and their families to take away the worry and offer peace of mind by providing quality care. We are truly family focused and we encourage family members to come to events and get involved in as many activities as they can. We know our residents feel at home when we hear the laughter and joy that is shared throughout the community. I am honored to provide passionate service, passionate cleanliness, and passionate care for our residents and for each other.

If you have any questions about our community or our services, please feel free to contact me at
941-213-5555 or ed@elanmanatee.com.

Shannon Scragg
Executive Director of Elan Manatee